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Southfield Lawyer files $10 million wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of Their Household of Theoddeus Gray

Southfield Lawyer files $10 million wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of Their Household of Theoddeus Gray

Investigative materials accumulated by the law firm of Moss & Colella paint a very different image of the deadly shooting of Gray on Nov. 4 than that introduced by the Macomb County Sheriff’s Department; proof suggests that the St. Clair Shores puppy,”Axe” was murdered by his own officers

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Southfield, Mich. — February 7, 2019 — A. Vince Colella, a civil rights and personal injury lawyer with Southfield-based Moss & Colella, P.C., today announced a 10 million lawsuit was registered on behalf of the household of Theoddeus Gray from the St. Clair Shores Police, the City of St. Clair Shores and the five police officers involved Gray’s shooting death on November 4, 2018. St. Clair Shores authorities stated in that Gray was captured because he made a gun and murdered a branch K-9 police officer, Axe. Ever since that time, the Macomb County Sherriff’s office has introduced evaluation substances pursuant to a FOIA request from the law firm that indicates Axe was murdered by his own officers. The family’s lawsuit also alleges that Gray had surrendered to authorities and was unarmed at the time that he suffered the fatal gunshot wound.

The lawsuit comes after the household hired Moss & Colella past November to conduct its own separate investigation into the death of Gray, 29, that had been shot six times at a firestorm of 48 rounds fired from the officers. Regardless of the assurance of a”quite serious, comprehensive and comprehensive investigation, made to regain all signs and talk to all witnesses,” there are glaring omissions, Colella said.

“The abbreviated three-week analysis was woefully insufficient to completely investigate the murder of the young guy,” Colella said. “Through this litigation, it is going to become evident that researchers failed to gather signs, obtain witness statements, and in certain instances, disregarded critical advice, leading to the officers preventing criminal liability.”

Colella noted a few disturbing discrepancies between what he acquired from the Macomb County Sheriffs’ Department and that which was introduced in its press conference in November 28, 2018.

Colella verified that none of those officers directly involved with the shooting gave statements to the Sheriffs’ section. But in the press conference, the St. Clair Shores Chief of Police explained he intended to”debrief the officials that the situation had been completed, and the officers had been cleared of any wrongdoing.”

“This makes no sense. These officers are suspects in a homicide case; thus, they ought to have been forced to give their bills or officially work out their 5th amendment right against self-incrimination,” Colella said.

Colella also found it upsetting that the outcomes of this necropsy conducted on Axe weren’t fully revealed or explained to the general public.

“It appears highly improbable that the Chief wouldn’t have observed Axe’s necropsy account, as he explained. It is an integral piece of forensic evidence in the case, demonstrating the bullet trajectory makes it impossible for Gray to have murdered the puppy,” Colella said. “Also perplexing is how the public has been advised of the outcome of the forensic testing conducted on the bullet fragment recovered from Axe’s body”

Colella explained that in the huge majority of deadly shooting instances by police officers, criminal charges aren’t filed. Therefore, families are left with just discovering justice through civil suits.

“Litigation will shed light on those and many other troubling problems, and the people will understand the fact as we reveal the killing of Theoddeus Gray was unjustified, unconscionable and in obvious violation of his civil rights,” Colella said.

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